Pipe systems

AMN-Misting ApS only have the best suppliers in every aspect of the company.
All business partners and suppliers are chosen and selected on the basis of a wide range of details and that is why AMN-Misting ApS refers to these.

Pipe systems in stainless steel (Qual. AISI 316) are often delivered directly from supplier to customer to save freight costs and reduce time of delivery.



Pumps is a fundemental part of complete plants and therefore they must comply with a lot of technical specifications.

Therefore AMN-Misting ApS always use CEapproved pumps. The pumps are approved by both the Danish and European standards.


Freight carrier and warehouse

Freight is a crusial part of the economy of a complete plant. That is why AMN-Misting ApS only uses professional partners for this service.
Very often Interfjord s used for this service, as they can manage both small and large shipments all over the world.

AMN-Misting ApS have outsourced the warehouse facilities to Interfjord to get the fastest and most secure shipping and efficient handling of all larger orders.

See more at www.Interfjord.dk


Metal processing

We use a professional local metal processing company to more complicated tasks and welding of special items. JT-Teknik is situated close to main office of AMN Misting ApS.

See more at www.jtteknik.dk


Plastic injection molding

To secure the best partner in the molding process we use the local company Cama Plastics which is situated nearby the main office of AMN Misting ApS.

See more at www.camaplastics.com


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