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AMN-Misting ApS was founded in 2006 by John L. Christensen who’s got a long history in designing and inventing products for the cooling and humidifying business. He saw an untapped market for even better and cheaper products for this line of business.

The philosophy of AMN Misting ApS was a sober assessment of an industry worldwide, which is generally characterized by many smaller players who buy nozzles, fittings, pumps etc. for modular systems. Due to the industry’s special construction, there has historically been a limited focus on the development of the individual elements to the larger modular systems and specialty tools.
For AMN Misting ApS is the product development a very strong issue and has over time resulted in numerous patents and design registrations. This combined with being self-funded safeguards customer exclusive rights to various products far into the future.

It is for AMN Misting ApS very important that all parts are tested and to cooperate with the best and most trustworthy partners worldwide.

Product development is always focused on optimizing the process of mounting, so it does not require special training to mount or plan even more complex systems.

AMN Misting ApS has a small internal organization, but with many partnerships which ensures agility. Additionally AMN Misting ApS is using the latest technology for product development, backup and communication.
Focus for AMN Misting ApS is always on core competencies and therefore many tasks either outsourced or placed with partners in different parts of the world. The core competencies include especially development of better and cheaper products to the customers worldwide, especially smaller operators, who have difficulty finding the energy and effort to long-term development.

Due to the increasing demand of AMN products it became necessary in 2019 to move into bigger and more logistic friendly buildings.
The increasing demand is also the main reason why we now have a much bigger and more adequate warehouse which enables us to make instant deliveries on all basic products.

Our mainoffice is also placed in the same building. So if needed everyone in the office can help with orders and international shipments.

Inside the new main office we have both research and development facility, workshop, warehouse, pump system assembly stations and logistic department. – All in all we have the most vital functions in house and have outsourced all the slightly smaller assembly tasks.




AMN-Misting ApS has since the beginning had a stated goal of being a solid support for the local community and trying to create a sustainable business in terms of both the environment, health and safety. This applies not only within the company, but as far as it is possible collaborators will also be chosen from a sustainable CSR, regardless of where the partner is a resident. AMN Misting ApS does not accept child labor or exploitation of employees. When it is possible AMN Misting ApS use only energy efficient and environmentally neutral solutions for both production and shipping. This strategy is supported by clients being guided to produce and buy as much as possible locally when it is advantageous for the customer.

Vision and mission

AMN Misting ApS’ vision

AMN Misting ApS wants to become a preferred supplier for customers in the misting industry worldwide.

AMN Misting ApS’ mission

AMN Misting ApS will continuously keep on developing the best and most thoughtful products to the misting industry.

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