AMN-Misting ApS is a Danish innovative business which is situated in Skive in the North Western part of Denmark. AMN Misting was founded by John L. Christensen, who is the inventor of all the patented products. John has been designing similar products for 30+ years and has a huge experience in this line of business with high pressure cooling and moisturizing. AMN Misting have satisfied customers from all continents in the world where some buy directly from AMN Misting ApS and others through regional dealers. AMN Misting takes the word responsibility very serious in the widest terms. No matter if you as a client have questions or complaints or want to discuss the next series of products or suppliers have some troubles living up to the internal CSR. AMN Misting have a declared vision to make the world a better place for both people and livestock. AMN Misting supports civil rights organizations and denounces e.g. child labor. AMN Misting wants to be an important and crucial support in the local area and for various vulnerable groups.



Is it really as easy to install these displayed products as you show on the homepage? It is exactly as simple as shown in displayed pictures and videos. That’s the genius idea behind all AMN Misting’s products.

Who develops and designs the products? The founder of AMN Misting John L. Christensen invents and develops all patented products in the product list.

How can AMN produce the products so cheap compared to other suppliers? AMN Misting only have a small organization and is 100 % self-financing and the fixed expenses are therefore correspondingly low. Besides that AMN Misting have established long time partnerships with subcontractors and gets the best possible prices.

What kind of products does AMN Misting export? AMN Misting exports various patented high pressure nozzle couplings and pipe systems and fittings.

Where can I find your pricelist? AMN Misting wants to supply all customers the best and most updated pricelist and therefore we only send this pricelist by e-mail and based on order quantity.

How much do I need to change and do I need special tools? There are in fact no changes in how you normally install high pressure plants, it is just much more simple and time saving to install these pipe system and AMN nozzle couplings. AMN Misting supply you with all the needed special tools for free*, simple installment videos available in technical info section at this website.

(* requires minimum order of USD 1,600 and only the first order)

Can a private person buy from AMN-Misting ApS or do I have to find a local dealer? Everybody can buy products from AMN Misting, but sometimes it can be an advantage to find an agent who imports larger quantities to get a better price and avoid troubles with import and customs.

Can I use the nozzles for dust reduction in a warehouse? Yes, all almost all warehouses and productions can benefit from an automated dust reduction and humidification.

Can I use the system as fire protection? With just a few minor adjustments the system can be used as fire protection. Please ask for your possibilities.

Who can use the nozzle couplings? Most businesses can benefit from having a high pressure cooling system or use the system as a dust reduction system. AMN Misting customers are often divided into 3 different categories.

1. Livestock farmers with production of cattle, pigs, chickens, mink and other animals kept under roof

2. Industries which need dust or odor control in production or warehouse facilities.

3. Greenhouse or nursery gardeners with a huge demand to humidification – also supermarkets greengrocer departments.






Foreign languages of Aqua misting nozzles with tee: German: Aqua Nebeldüsen mit Abschlag French: Buses de brumisation Aqua avec tee Estonian : Aqua udu düüsid tee Greek: Aqua ακροφύσια υδρονέφωσης με μπλουζάκι Dutch: Aqua verneveling sproeiers met tee Belarus: Аква запацяваннем сопла з траяка Italian: Ugelli di nebulizzazione Aqua con tee Japanese: ティーとアクアミストノズル Chinese: 水族霧化噴嘴與T卹 Korean: 티와 아쿠아 연무 노즐 Kroatian: Aqua zamagljivanja mlaznice sa tee Latvian: Aqua Smidzināšanas sprauslas ar tee Lithuranian: Aqua rasojimo purkštukai su tee Polish: Aqua dysze zaparowania z tee Portoguise: O Aqua bicos de nebulização com tee Romanian: Aqua duze aburirea cu tee Russian: Аква запотевание сопла с тройника Serbian: Акуа Магли млазница са тее Spanish: Boquillas de nebulización de la aguamarina con camiseta Swedish: Aqua imma munstycken med tee Thai: หัวฉีดละอองน้ำกับที Czech: Aqua mlžení trysky s odpališti Turkish: Tee Aqua buğulanma memeleri Ukranian: Аква запотівання сопла з трійника Hungarian: Aqua páramentesítő fúvókák tee

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Fog fogging mist misting spray spraying evaporation evaporate vapor vaporization atomization water H2O nozzle nozzles coupling tee patented design protected


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