7 obstacles everybody who install nozzles need to know about


The right angling of nozzles

Every person who install nozzles know the troubles about pre-mounted nozzles and getting the right angling of nozzles of the readymade system. When using the AMN Misting nozzles you will never experience this problem again.


Installing pipes and pipe holders

Most pipe holders on the market requires a huge dexterity in order to hold many different parts. AMN Mistings patented solution makes it a lot easier to mount larger strings of pipes without these problems.


Expansion of a larger system 

When installing a larger cooling system you probably know the issue of temperature expansion of the pipe system. When using AMN Misting instruction you will never face difficulties with this again. Without expensive equipment you can make your own expansion bow and avoid leaks caused by temperature fluctuations.


Combining polymer and stainless steel 

AMN Misting recommend using secure press fittings to connect the complete cooling system. All press fittings are tested on both stainless and polymer pipes. Also connections between stainless and polymer pipes are secure.


Anti-drip nozzles 

AMN Misting only use the best nozzle heads, but all nozzles can make a small drop of water when functioning normally. A secure way of eliminate dripping water from an AMN Misting system is to install a bleed off valve. A simple though very effective way is to install a tested and approved bleed off valve between water system and pipe system. This way you avoid troubles about having wet backing.


Replacing or repairing blocked nozzles 

All AMN Misting nozzles comes with integrated filter which enables quick fix and repair if any minerals have blocked the nozzle. There is also a build-in cleanable impeller in all AMN Misting nozzles.


No expensive tools are needed

AMN Misting cooling systems are made so you can install a complete system with a minimal investment in tools. All connections, turns and mounting can be made manually with simple tools.


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