Why choose AMN as your supplier

Many years of inventing and designing nozzles and all related products for all kind of industries have led to some of the most innovative solutions which can minimize the complete time of projects. No matter if you are mounting fog misting, spraying or atomizing nozzles for humidification

AMN nozzle connections are with anti-drip valve and integrated filter to minimize nozzle clgging quite substantially. Nozzles are always attached after the installation of piping, whereby the placement of nozzles can be optimized on site.

AMN nozzle couplings all have built in filters to enable the use of normal tap water no matter if the system is based on polymer or SS pipes. The SS pipe systems have obvious benefits in some industries where acid and ammonia will flourish.

AMN’s patented nozzle and pipe fastening system eliminates the expensive assembly of pipes and fittings and also unintended turning of pipes and nozzles is eliminated. Secure assembly can be done quickly and without problems by non-trained personnel.

AMN pipe system can be assembled by using secure press sleeve assembly of thin walled and self-supporting stainless steel or plastic pipes, large and complex systems can be built up with very few components.

Become a customer today and you will be more competitive than your competitors immediately.

AMN takes “Simplicity to the ultimate sophistication”.



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